Which Are The Kindest Zodiac Signs?

1. Libra

Never have I ever met a Libra who hasn’t been the epitome of politeness and chivalry. This is what makes Libra the kindest zodiac sign.

2. Pisces

They often come across as fake and pretentious, but their overly concerned nature is genuine and not an attempt to be liked. It is just a part of the many personality traits of a Piscean.

3. Taurus 

Which zodiac sign is the kindest? Well, Taurus may not be at the top of the list, but it is definitely the warmest zodiac sign on the list.

4. Aquarius

Are Aquarius kind hearted? You might not have expected Aquarius this high up in the list of the kindest zodiac signs ranked. 

5. Sagittarius 

One of the zodiac signs with the kindest heart is Sagittarius. Though a Sagittarian comes across as a wandering spirit, in reality, they are simply distancing themselves from negativity and bad vibes.

6. Gemini

As we move lower down the list of kindest zodiac signs ranked, it is time to address that Geminis can be straight-up cruel.

7. Cancer 

Is Cancer the most loved zodiac sign? Is it the kindest zodiac sign? Depends on their mood.