▢1 cup sugar ▢1/2 cup water ▢1/3 cup corn syrup ▢1/4 tsp food coloring ▢3-5 drops flavoring cherry or cinnamon ▢sucker sticks ▢candy thermometer

Instructions Step - 1

Put molds and sticks together. Place on cookie sheet and spray. Put cookie sheet in freezer until candy is ready.

step - 2

Put all of the ingredients except flavoring and color in a pan. Cook to hard crack stage (300 degrees).

step - 3

Add flavoring and coloring. Stir about two minutes.

step - 4

Pour into molds. Let set for 10-15 minutes before removing the molds and taking the suckers off the pan.  

step - 5

*Add ½ c. melted butter at 275 degrees. Mix and bring to 300 degrees and continue with Steps 3 & 4