Best Drinks for Weight Loss

Green Juice with Pulp

When it comes to weight loss, the more veggies and fruits you consume, the better off you will be. In fact, research shows that eating veggies plays a key role in managing weight for individuals genetically prone to a higher BMI or weight gain.

Gut-Friendly Drink

A happy gut is a healthy gut, so it should come as no surprise that one of the best weight loss drinks is a gut-friendly drink.

Pea Protein Smoothie

Add pea protein to your smoothie to make it a weight-loss-friendly choice. Pea protein offers plenty of fiber and protein, which will keep you feeling full and avoid snacking long after you consume it.

Green Tea

If you're a tea lover, you're going to love this recommendation. Green tea is filled with antioxidants, which are great when it comes to fighting chronic inflammation that's directly linked to obesity. It also doesn't come with any calories.

Raspberry Ginger Lime All-Natural DIY Soda

Ingredients like lime, ginger, and mint offer anti-inflammatory properties that fight inflammation and make losing weight more manageable.

Spicy Metabolism Booster

Sipping this slightly bitter and spicy drink before a sweet treat helps you appreciate the sweetness of that treat, and can retrain your testbeds so that less-sweet foods are more satisfying.